September 7, 2011                                                                           Volume 2011, No. 9

Ocicats International is a CFA affiliated breed club dedicated to the Ocicat breed. We strive to increase public awareness of the Ocicat breed and promote the responsible ownership, breeding, registration and exhibition of the Ocicat

In This Issue:

1. Ocicat International – donates lifesaving Oxygen Rescue Mask to Simpsonville SC Fire Department

2. A “BEARY” good time had by all at the OI- MSCC Allbreed Show

3. Ocicat Breed Booth on Display
4. Three for Three!!!

5. Ocicat Rescue

6. Oci’s in the Spot Light

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Ocicats International and Maine Street Cat Club donate lifesaving
Oxygen Rescue Mask to Simpsonville SC Fire Department

CFA Southern Region Director Mark Hannon presented a Pet Oxygen Rescue Mask to the Simpsonville Fire Department at noon on September 3, 2011 on behalf of Ocicats International and Maine Street Cat Club in conjunction with our show.

SurgiVet animal oxygen masks are used by fire departments to assist pets affected by fires or other disasters.
The SurgiVet animal oxygen masks come in sets of three, with each set containing three different sizes of mask. The masks are designed to fit over the muzzles of a variety of animals, featuring rubber rings that help the mask fit snugly. The masks attach to oxygen bottles and can also be attached to flexible air bags.

A “BEARY” good time is had by all at the
Ocicats International – Maine Street Cat Club Show

After a long Labor day weekend, Maine Street Cat Club and Ocicats International would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for coming to our show and help making it such a fun weekend!!! Like any proper “Teddy Bear Picnic” it felt like a true family reunion with exhibitors from almost every region in CFA including our newest region Europe!!!
With 35 Maine Coons and 9 Ocicats, there were great representatives of both breeds covering a myriad of color classes! Special Maine Street Rosettes, laser etched vases and amazing bags that made me envious were provided for best ocicats in each class, best Maine coons in each class and our best in show cats by Grace Cox, David Bennett and Rose Spillman.

David Bennett did a great job cutting and burning the bear key chains which were out top 10 ring awards
 Set up and Tear down was a HUGE effort and we had so MANY people helping!

Stevie Stacy, Daedra Marshall, Jacqui , Robert and David Bennett, Scott and Alisa Hammonds, Russ Haller, Sammy and Ginger McFaddin, Andrea Haddix, Beth Polstra, Cathy White, Gerry Walsh, Ira and Karen Multer, Sasha Wagner, Donna Hinton, Venus Devoe, and  Andrea Cobb (and huge apologies if I missed anyone, it was quite a crowd!)

We made a really great presentation with our teddy bear theme and decorations.

Congratulations to our Best Cats in Show:

Championship - GC Emau's So You Think You Can Dance
Premiership - GP Rhamjoge Better Believe It
Kitten - D'Eden Lover Maestro of Catsafrats

Our Sponsored breed competitions were fierce

for our big gentle giants, the Maine Coons, our top honors go to
· GC Nascat Cruise'N - (also 2nd best cat in show)
· GPR Irishcoons Flying Tiger
· Dewisplear Julien Mayfair

for those spotted speed demons, the ocicats, our top honors go to
· GC Dreamsong Oberon of Dynamicats
· GP Dynamicats King Elvis
· Dreamsong Deadly Night shade

Pictures from the show will be available on our website very soon!!!

We hope everyone will join us again next year for our celebration of (drum roll please) THE END OF THE WORLD (as we know it) in honor of the Aztec Calendar (and the numerous other apocalyptic theories) details will be released soon!!!

=^.".^=    =^.".^=    =^.".^= 

Ocicat Breed Booth will be on display at the upcoming CFA Sanctioned Shows

The Ocicat Breed Council will proudly display our breed booth (sponsored in part by Dr Elsey’s) at the following shows:


National Capitol All Breed Show in Chantilly VA
September 10 and 11 2011


CFA National Show in Indianapolis IN.
November 19 and 20 2011

THREE FOR THREE!!!! Can he continue this winning streak?!?!?

It seems like every month we have been able to tote a “Best in Show” for
GC Wildtracks Bootlegger. Well 3 for 3 --- we can do it again!

Congratulations to Bootlegger for a 3rd-time Best in Show performance at the Houston Cat Club Show August 27th and 20th!

Ocicat Rescue
Part of Ocicats International’s mission includes the active participation and support of ocicat rescue throughout the world. Members of Ocicat international have the following ocicats in fosterage at this time.

These 2 girls are currently in fosterage
in Georgia.

They are approximately 4 years old, spayed, in good health and ready to warm someone’s heart as their forever kitties.

Please contact lcocicats@lcocicats.com
for more information.

=^.".^=    =^.".^=    =^.".^= 

Ocicats in the Spotlight

Congratulations to our newest CFA grands!!!

GP, RW DOTDOTDOT'S HEY GOOD LOOKIN Roger-Nancy Brown Diane-Scott Weber
GC SWEETMEWSIC LUCKY SHOT S-M. Babcock-S. Lambeck S-M. Babcock-S. Lambeck-S. Baugh
GC TRIBAL SKY PILOT Neil Quigley-L-D. Boelter Lynn Boelter-Neil Quigley

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Ocicats International is a CFA affiliated breed club dedicated to the Ocicat breed. We strive to increase public awareness of our breed and promote the responsible ownership, breeding, registration and exhibition of the Ocicat.