November 7, 2011                                                                           Volume 2011, No. 11

Ocicats International is a CFA affiliated breed club dedicated to the Ocicat breed. We strive to increase public awareness of the Ocicat breed and promote the responsible ownership, breeding, registration and exhibition of the Ocicat

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CFA Ocicat Breed Council News – Reminder of Ballot Deadline
Breed Council Ballots are due in to Central office no later than December 15, 2011. The item on the ballot is a request to extend the Abyssinian outcross indefinitely to assure the continued genetic viability of our breed. Many thanks to all the breed council members who helped with the research and wording. For more information about the CFA Ocicat breed council, check out the website at www.ocicatbc.org


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Ocicat Breed Booth will be on display at the upcoming CFA Sanctioned Shows

The CFA Ocicat Breed Council will proudly display our breed booth sponsored in part by Dr Elsey’s at the following shows:

* CFA National Show in Indianapolis IN. November 19 and 20 2011.
* Dixieland Silver and Goldens Show in Concord NC. December 10-11 2011
* Absolutely Abyssinians in Jacksonville FL. January 2012


Cat Shows on a Budget
 by Carissa Altschul
Carissa Altschul and her Mom Janet have been showing Persians since 1971. They are the proud breeders and owners of 176 CFA Grand champions/Grand Premiers, 45 Regional Winners, 11 Distinguished Merits, and 4 National Winners.

When most people started showing, they assumed the most expensive part of showing would be the purchasing of their foundation cats. Some even realized that some of the larger expenses might include vetting/medications and premium cat food. What most people don't initially realize is how much money is spent actually showing a cat. Over the years, many cat fanciers have developed ways to show more economically. Here are some ideas that might help you pinch pennies when showing (and hopefully, be able to get to more shows.)
Show entries. You might think there isn't a way to save on show entries. After all, entries are a set fee, right? But you can consider how to maximize your show dollars. The first thing you can eliminate is a grooming space. Instead, get one of the carpeted or vinyl carrier carts that doubles as a grooming stand. Another way is to enter even numbers of cats (if you are showing in a region that has the double cages). This way, you don't end up paying for an extra half cage. If you really only have one cat to show, then you are stuck, but many times, you might have a cat that could get winner's ribbons - one that you want to show, but maybe isn't *quite* in top shape yet, but not embarrassingly so. This way, you can get the winner's out of the way and not have to pay for an extra half cage that doesn't accomplish anything. Many shows will offer a free extra half cage with odd number entries of 3 and up - this is also helpful.
Sharing rides. This is one of the most common ways exhibitors save money, especially due to rising gas costs. You always want to take the smallest vehicle (or most fuel efficient) that you can fit everything in. For example, if your ride-share has a suburban and you have a small SUV, and each of you is only taking one or two cats, chance are you can fit everything in the small SUV and save a lot of gas money. Of course, sharing rides sometimes can drive you crazy, so keep in mind when considering a ride share - do they smoke (or do you?) Smokers traveling with non-smokers are in somewhat of a bind. (Of course, if smokers stopped smoking, the amount of money they would save on that would be much more significant… however, that's not really the purpose of this article.)
Vehicle choice. When you are ready to buy a new vehicle, you might want to consider carefully how much gas it uses as well as how much stuff you can get it. My first "cat show" vehicle was a mid-sized SUV. It had a lot of room, but boy, 18-20 MPG was hard to swallow! My next vehicle is a small SUV - I sacrificed some room, but the gas mileage is much better. I intend for my next vehicle to be a hybrid (I'm hoping this one will last another 5 years or so, and that hybrids become more and more efficient and affordable in the coming years.) Take a LOT of time researching your new vehicle - you want one that has excellent ratings in mechanics as well as fuel mileage. Additionally, get that oil changed regularly - you'll be amazed how much that will extend the life of your car. Other preventative maintenance is a must for cat-showers logging several thousands of miles a year on the road - tire rotation is a big one, too.
Motel Choice. Second to gas, this one is actually one of the biggest money drainers. While many people shudder at the thought of staying at something less than a 4 start hotel, keep in mind that many of the "chains" do have nice rooms (if less amenities.) Some motels have great "points" or "rewards" systems that quickly build up to a "free" night or two! Bring tents and don't let your cats run the room - but that should be the status quo of any motel room stay. If you ever stay at one that is "really" nasty - either the part of town or the room itself, keep a notebook and mark down the ones that are not good. Remember, you aren't moving into these places for life - just usually one night, maybe two. Sharing rooms with people really helps the money savings, but the smoke/non-smoker issue must be considered, as well as sometimes, there can just be too many cats for one room (though I've sometimes managed to get 9 or more cats in a room when sharing before, it does usually require a larger room and some creative tenting.) Additionally, if you share with more than one person, *someone* has to share a bed. Some people are not comfortable with that idea - you should consider if you are or are not before you agree to share with more than one person.
Staying with friends. This is even better than picking a "budget" motel, in most cases. When you stay with a friend or another exhibitor who resides near the show, you totally eliminate the motel bill. Of course, there are always some concerns - will you have room to properly tent your cats, will you be able to keep the your cats away from their home cats (that is a common-sense precaution), and will you have a place to sleep where you can get a good night's sleep (some couches are comfortable, but others… are not so much.) Sometimes you get the added benefit of eating home-cooked food (often delicious and usually free!), so this is definitely a fun option to consider. Remember, however, that it is considerate to return the favor if you can.
Food. This is another area that some people don't consider, but it can quickly drain your money. While bringing a cooler with bread, peanut butter, jelly, and some fruit and/or vegetables doesn't really sound appealing, it can save a lot of money. Additionally, many exhibitors make poor diet choices at shows - sometimes because that is the only choice (some show food vendors have choices or greasy, greasier, or greasiest) or sometimes because you just "feel" like celebrating. Some shows do not allow you to bring food in, however, if you have friends, you can take turns going out to the car, making a quick sandwich and eating it, then getting back in the show hall. Large coolers that insulate well are a good investment, and they can usually be restocked with motel ice (but don't be too much of a hog with that ice). The highlight of cooler dining can be if you and several of your friends each bring some different food items and together, make a delicious (and often healthy!) feast.
At the show (Vendors and Raffle). While many of us LOVE to see the vendors are shows, as well as support them with our patronage, remember to budget this carefully. If you must buy from show vendors, have an exact idea what you want to buy and how much you have to spend. For example, I will often buy shampoos from show vendors because I can save on shipping. But I have an idea what the shampoo will cost me (with shipping) before I go to a show so I know if I'm actually getting a good deal. Second, while the announcers at the show will beg, implore, and even try to guilt you into buying raffle tickets, this can be a big money sinkhole. You can either choose to set aside an amount of money for raffles, or you can simply choose to not participate. After all, while those earrings might be really cute, do you really need them? Spending $10 on a raffle at just a few shows could mean the difference between attending a show or not. Remember that you are already supporting the show by entering your cat(s) and participating in the show.
"Driving there and back." This particular money saving option is the only suggestion that brings a warning: Do Not Try This if you have a hard time staying up for long periods at a time. With the advent of one day shows, some exhibitors, including myself, have found they can drive to a show in the early morning hours, then drive back that evening, thus, cutting out the motel stay. This is MUCH easier to do with a ride-share partner. When you don't stay overnight, you also don't have as much luggage, so you can have perhaps more than one ride-share partner and thus, spread out the driving duties. I have found that about 6 hours is my limit for this activity. Drive 6 hours in the morning (that means usually leaving around 2 am), attend the show all day, then drive the 6 hours back (sometimes getting in as late as midnight.) I cannot stress enough that this is NOT for those who have a hard time staying up. For me, the most difficult time is the pre-dawn hour. Stopping and walking around a bit will really help wake you up - but having someone in the car with you to keep you engaged in conversation and alert is better.
There are many ways you can save money and still enjoy showing cats! This list is certainly not the "only" things, of course, but hopefully it will help you save a little money and get more shows and fun in your exhibiting career. Please remember, though - do not show beyond your means. While showing is great fun - whether you go to compete or just to be with more crazy cat people - getting yourself into debt is certainly not fun. Always keep up with your checkbook balance (and credit card charges if you choose to charge while at shows) so you don't end up with an unpleasant surprise when it comes time to pay the bills.

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Ocicats in the Spot Light
Congratulations to our newest CFA Grands!

GP DotDotDot Dream Spirit Chocolate Spotted Roger-Nancy Brown Diane-Scott Weber
GP DotDotDot Strawn-Wagner Chocolate Spotted Roger-Nancy Brown C.Shek-E.Tang-Brown-Von Aswege

GC Wolfengang Cynthia

Cinnamon Spotted

Fuyu Hayashi Fuyu Hayashi

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Ocicat Rescue Spot Light News!!!
Ocicats International and Ocicat Rescue is thrilled to announce that 2 of our Ocicat rescues that have been in fosterage have found a new home together with a wonderful couple. These girls were placed from the Cotton States Show in Duluth GA.

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Ocicats International is a CFA affiliated breed club dedicated to the Ocicat breed. We strive to increase public awareness of our breed and promote the responsible ownership, breeding, registration and exhibition of the Ocicat.