July 10, 2012                                                                           Volume 2012, No. 7

Ocicats International is a CFA affiliated breed club dedicated to the Ocicat breed. We strive to increase public awareness of the Ocicat breed and promote the responsible ownership, breeding, registration and exhibition of the Ocicat.

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1. New APHIS Regulations can kill the cat fancy!

2. Yard Work and Classic Pavlovian Responses of Ocicats

3. 2012 SHOW INFO

4. Special Club Members dinner at our Show Saturday night5. 2012 Annual Breed Council Meeting Minutes

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George Eigenhauser
CFA Legislative Coordinator The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.
Legislative Update - July 8, 2012
Appropriate forwarding is appreciated

ACTION IS NEEDED NOW- from all cat clubs, breeders and pet lovers.

Immediate action is required.
Deadline is July 16, 2012.

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), is proposing to amend federal regulations to require federal licensing and inspection of many home hobby breeders.
Current regulations exempt hobby breeders and others selling pets at retail. Since consumers have access to the hobby breeders in direct sales, small retail breeders are regulated by local government.

The proposed new regulations include all small animal species, including cats, and regulate catteries who sell even one kitten outside of their home if they have over 4 breeding females. Recently APHIS updated their "FAQ" file, stating the home hobby breeders and rescue "...are not the focus of this proposed rule..." Despite this and other assurances by APHIS, there is still no exemption for hobby breeders and rescue in the proposed regulations.

ORGANIZATIONS/INDIVIDUALS should comment to the USDA to OPPOSE the change to the regulations. Individuals may submit your comments in opposition by mail or submit them electronically. We are asking clubs to write letters on club
letterhead and submit their letters by mail AND submit them electronically.

Suggested points in opposition and instructions for using the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal may be found in the CFA Comment Guide on the CFA Legislative Alerts Page at: http://www.cfa.org/client/exhibitorsalert.aspx Please follow the simple instructions and submit as many points in opposition as you feel appropriate. There is no limit to the number of
comments in opposition you can submit but there are limits to the length of each submission and the time available for each comment.


Please forward this message to your friends, family, pet buyers, veterinarian or anyone who values home-raised pedigreed pets and ask them to submit comments in opposition too.

George Eigenhauser
CFA Legislative Coordinator

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Yard Work, Classic Pavlovian Responses and the Confusion of My Male Ocicats
Jacqui Bennett

Last weekend I spent a large number of hours in the great outdoors operating the chipper shredder that I was completely unaware that my family owned. Now the boys (i.e. husband and 16 year old) SWEAR we have had said chipper shredder for years --- but that’s another story. My flurry of outdoor activity was centered around converting branches, limbs and pine needles of 9 previously stately and majestic 100 foot tall pine trees which “the boys” had cut down from my back yard while I was at work the week before for various and sundry reasons which have no bearing on this particular adventure so I will not wander onto THAT particular tangent (NOTE --- I am making NO promises about avoiding other tangents which may or may not have bearing on the aforementioned adventure … such as this note … but back to the subject at hand). Ah yes --- where was I …. Pine. The smell of freshly cut (not to mention freshly chipped and shredded) pine may bring wondrous reminiscent ramblings of a walk through an old growth forest and the childlike innocence of a care free camping trip of yore --- to some people. To others who routinely use pine pellets for litter in the boy room (advantages being low cost when utilizing the equine version, bio degradable, relatively light and good for odor control … disadvantages dusty as all get out, but this is not a review of the various litter choices so back to the story at hand) …. It brings the ingrained mental image of a freshly cleaned litter box. So as I continued my chipping and shredding whilst the boys took 9 very long logs and turned them into some very large number of 18 inch to 2 foot logs with manly grunts and chain saws, I took on a strong and particularly clingy pine like scent. You may note that this seems to have little or no relevance to cats or the cat fancy --- patience please. I’m getting to that. So --- where was I …. Ahhhhh … Cat relevance. Leaving the feverish activity of outdoorsy type work (which for the most part I studiously and vigorously avoid unless it is puttering with my lily beds or supervising others doing actual work --- I am much more of a sit on the deck with a cold beverage and enjoy the outdoors from a reclined and inactive position kind of girl ---- sorry that’s another tangent) , I now share an observation I have made over the years. Cats cannot resist the concept of a completely cleaned litter box. Litter boxes which have been scrubbed clean and refilled MUST (yes MUST --- think feline moral imperative) be immediately (if not sooner) anointed by whoever finds it first. This may be specific to my household only, but I have noted a true statistically proven Pavlovian feline response. Clean litter box = a full bladder physiological response. Imagine if you will the plethora of psychological observations when I went in to visit the boys. True happiness --- because MOMMY’S HERE! Mommy (or for that matter … to be completely honest … any human - means pets and kisses and scritches and toys and loves and treats and all sorts of happy things. The overwhelming urge to pee --- because SOMEWHERE there is a fresh litter box. Confusion --- because Mommy smells like the fresh litter box. Wariness --- because one should never ever EVER pee on Mommy (also an example of a Bennett family conditioned response training episode which we will not go into in this story) Disappointment --- because the clearly visible litter boxes are NOT absolutely fresh litter boxes as Saturday was not a dump and replace day, but a scoop day -- Desperation --- because they really really REALLY need to pee Followed finally by -- Resigned acceptance that they have to use the “regular boxes” as opposed to the holy grail of boxes that Mommy is hiding somewhere on her person. So --- one could draw many conclusions from this adventure --- and like all things in life, that which you take away is up to you. To me the take away is .. to avoid confusion and frustration for your family felines, consider avoiding scents to which they will associate things differently than you might :-) On the plus side --- think how much they will LOVE you after a full day of Turkey duty for Thanksgiving … as long as you don’t mind a little drool between friends.

2012 Show Info - MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!

Our 2012 Show is shaping up to be our best one yet! Partnering for a 6 by 6 2 show format with Maine Street Cat Club, this will be a show not to be missed!

* New Show Hall --- The lovely and spacious Hugh Mills Physical Education Complex at Gainesville State College in Oakwood GA, just outside Atlanta for easy fly in Access
* New Format --- 12 RINGS .. That’s right --- partnered with Maine Street Cat Club, we will offer a “6 by 6” Format with 5 AB rings and 1 Specialty Ring Each day!
* AWESOME JUDGES including our very own Neil Quigley from the west coast for his first out of region judging debut!
Saturday: Bob Goltzer (AB), Jan Rogers (AB), Gary Powell (AB), Melanie Morgan (AB), Liz Watson (AB), Jacqui Bennett (LH), Neil Quigley (SH) Sunday: Tracy Petty (AB), Teresa Keiger (AB), Jan Stevens (AB), Carla Bizzell (AB), Darrell Newkirk (AB), Pam Bassett (SP)

* New Theme --- What would our shows be like without some new and exciting theme! This year in honor of the Mayan Calendar and various apocalyptic theories----- THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!!!! (But we feel fine …)
Of course --- as always we will offer great low entry fee’s with awesome deals for multiple entries, terrific cats, fun and fellowship … all the things we have become known for!

Check out our listing on Catshows.us and our Flier at http://www.ocicatsinternational.com/oiflier2012.pdf!

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2012 Show CLUB DINNER!!! Join us for a ocicat family dinner after the show Saturday night at the Flowery Branch GA Hampton Inn. We will be having a home cooked dinner for our judges, club members (both clubs) and invited guests for both shows and invite you to join us! Please send your dinner reservation requests to our Show Manager Daedra Marshall so we know how much to cook. Our menu will include appetizers, lasagna (both meat and veggie), Pasta, Bolognase sauce, Alfredo sauce, Salad, Garlic bread and dessert as well as wine and soft drinks. To help defray dinner costs for our judges, we are asking all club members and invited guests to pay $20

2012 Annual Ocicat Breed Council Meeting Minutes

Saturday June 30, 2012 8:00 AM Meeting at the Boston Annual

1. Congratulations to our 2011 season winners.
· This season was the year for a number of personal firsts in the ocicat fancy. · Our 2nd best of breed GC RW Midnite Moon Amt of Catiators was the first grand of new breeders’ Robin and Maren Madigan (also a one show open to grand grand) and their first national breed placement as well as the first national breed placement for owners and co-breeders Anne McCulloch-Denise Clark · Our 3rd Best of breed was a personal first national breed placement for owner Kristine Kaliszewski of Blue Mune Ocicats· Sort of breed related – congratulations to Kathy Gumm on her Manx National win!!!!

2. Discussions with Aby Breed Council - The Aby breed council discussed and agreed to our proposal of December 31, 2030 for the extended outcross cutoff date. I will resubmit the ballot item with this date replacing the unlimited date from last year to Rachel and Annette for the next ballot.

3. PRA Discussion - We discussed the testing of ocicats for PRA and also asked Dr Lyon’s who attended the BC meeting with the Board of Directors. The existing test has been validated to ABYSSINIANS only. While there is no reason to suspect it wouldn’t be an indicator for ocicats, it has NOT BEEN VALIDATED as such. Recommendation is to test ANY Abyssinian brought into your breeding programs for an outcross PRIOR to breeding them (already done by most of the breeders polled who have utilized the aby outcross in the past 10 years). Also, as in the past – to assist in the developing of an effective breed database, any ocicat who has been confirmed to have PRA, PLEASE submit genetic material for the database so the test can be successfully validated. We do not recommend “culling” (spay / neuter) lines based strictly on testing with no objective evidence of the condition at this time. This action was taken by a number of Persian breeder’s back with the initial PKD findings (to the extreme of putting down pregnant queens) only to find later on that the test at that time was NOT reliable and decimated numerous Persian lines.

4. Discussion with the Board of Directors· With the new system of qualifying rings vs. winner’s ribbons, the impetus to add color classes is reduced. While Color wins are sought after in some breeds, they are less an issue in others. Breed councils asking to add color classes should consider how many of the requested color class are being shown before requesting it. Annette Wilson stated there is no hard number, but if she were to suggest one it would be at least 20.
· In the beginning of the breed standards under condition – “ the show cat should be receptive to the judging procedure.” - When mentoring new exhibitors, please encourage them to read the preface and general sections as well as breed specific standards. Too often we focus strictly on our own breed specific pages and do not recall those items to be applied to all cats for the welfare of the cats throughout the show season.

5. From the General Meeting Floor – CFA President Jerry Hamza Stated that he sees a consolidation of the registries of the cat fancy as a future reality now more than ever. If that comes to pass, people will have to accept seeing breeds they may otherwise not have approved of in the show hall. He stated that this was not open for discussion at this time. He asked all delegates and guests of the general meeting to consider this as “shareholders” as opposed to as specific breed fanciers.

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Ocicats International is a CFA affiliated breed club dedicated to the Ocicat breed. We strive to increase public awareness of our breed and promote the responsible ownership, breeding, registration and exhibition of the Ocicat.